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Welcome to my World of Fine Gems and Jewels!

For over three decades I have been working as a gemologist - purveyor of fine jewels and objects of distinction. I am a man of taste.

David Humphrey, G.G.
The world I offer here is born of the treasures I find, or rather, the treasures that find me along the way: fine gems, antique and period jewels and antiquities. Works of art, most often inspired by the pursuit of life's meaning. It is a world of Gems and Minerals, Antiques and Art from the four corners of the earth including Tibet, China, Mesoamerica, South East Asia, Europe and Africa.

I find that every jewel or object that I create or acquire, eventually moves on into someone else's hands for their own enjoyment and safe keeping. An amazing and diverse group forms my client base. I count among them - students, doctors, builders, teachers, recording artists, mechanics, lawyers, people from film and television, artists, scholars, celebrities, technicians, clergy, playwrights, gardeners, postal workers, designers, and professional athletes. It would be my pleasure to provide you with something rare and beautiful, from the ever changing pages that follow. Watch for weekly updates!

Dealer inquiries are always welcomed.

With Thanks,
David Humphrey, G.G.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail: or by phone @ 310.505.0783