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Bao Bei Limited Presents Gallery of Rare Jewels - David Humphrey
Ring design by David Humphrey

All text and images © copyright David Humphrey.

Welcome to the Gallery of Rare Jewels! It has been over 25 years since embarking on this wonderful journey in pursuit of rare gemstones, fine jewels and objects of distinction. Through my continuing travels and association with connoisseurs in the fields of fine art, gems, jewelry, minerals and antiques, my taste continues to evolve and my eye is in the constant process of refinement. The collection on offer reflects my enthusiastic study of a wide range of objects; all of which I consider as rare jewels.

You are most welcome to enter here now and enjoy the feast of images I offer for sale. We are at your service and look forward to doing business with you in the very near future!

With sincere thanks,
David Humphrey, G.G.

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